Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are interested in the new tiny house movement and in an endeavor to help our customers choose the best home for them we are providing the following information.

  • How do we get started? What will it cost?

    Unlike other companies we want to get to know our customers personally-no questionnaires to fill out before hand-make an appointment to talk to our consultant, Ivan Svrta. We will examine your needs and wants and give you an estimate for the construction of your tiny home.

  • Is there a payment plan? Can I get financing?

    Should you decide to proceed to construction a deposit will be required and a contract will be drawn up, which includes the agreed upon floor plan and materials to be used in your construction, as well as a timeline for completion. The balance is due before ownership is transferred. Part or all of the construction may be available from your bank through a personal line of credit. Since all our trailers are CSA approved that portion of the construction should be available.

  • What is the time frame for construction?

    Most tiny homes take 2-3 months to complete depending on materials availability and complexity of customers desires.

  • What can I expect in my tiny home?

    Your tiny home will be built on a new Canadian CSA approved trailer with warranty and is ICBC insurable. Canadian construction materials will be used throughout and whenever possible obtained from local suppliers. All work will be done by local experienced licensed sub trades including electrician, plumber, and carpenter.

  • What’s the advantage of a tiny house over an RV?

    You are buying a house with 2 x 4 construction, which has double paned windows on all its models and carries life time warranties. The roofing shingles carry 30 year warranties and the insulation is at least R-15. The fixtures are made in Canada whenever possible. The quality of construction and materials used are superior to any RV and is usually available to you at a lower cost. You are buying a home to use for many years.

  • What is the advantage of having the tiny house on a trailer? Do I need a towing company?

    Portability is an advantage for many people because as long as the trailer meets ICBC guidelines you can take your tiny house anywhere without a special permit and it makes resale easy. For other people the major advantage is by being on a trailer your tiny homes is considered a temporary structure . As a result you are able to put it on any lot without infringing on local bylaws.

    There are several towing companies on the island who will tow your tiny house to your site for a reasonable price. Most tiny houses can be towed by their owners as they would tow an RV of similar weight.

If you have any further questions contact us at: or call us at 250-240-5060 to book an appointment to visit us at 165 Crosley Wood Place Bowser B.C.